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How can I Help?

It is costly to organize a medical/surgical mission. The results bring great
satisfaction to participants and supporters. All members of our teams volunteer not only their
time but also finance their own travel, accommodation and food while participating in the


There are many other costs to such a venture – medications, surgical supplies (sutures, mesh, dressings, etc.), anaesthesia supplies (oxygen masks, circuits for anesthesia machines, sterile gowns for working inside the operating rooms, sterile drapes for surgical procedures, and other supplies.  Our teams also pay the hospitals a fee for each surgical procedure to assist in any costs incurred (hospital staff, patient overnights stays, oxygen, intravenous fluids, etc.).


So you can see that it is an expensive undertaking! Every dollar donated to Medicos en Accion goes directly to patient care. There are no administrative costs to this organization. Being a charitable organization, our financial accounting with Revenue Canada is available as public record.

Where to send donations.

By Mail:

Please send donations by cheque to:


Medicos En Accion

450 Greenstone Drive

Kamloops, British Columbia

V2C 1N9

A donation receipt will be mailed to you for tax purposes.


On- line:

Please visit Canada Helps to make your secure on-line donation at

In the “Donate to this Charity” box, use the drop-down menu to direct your donation to:

  • Medicos en Accion – Antigua Surgeries

  • Medicos en Accion – Gambia Surgeries

  • General Donations


Thank you for supporting our work in Guatemala and The Gambia!

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