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We are looking for individuals who are team players and are available for the time of the mission. Experience working in developing countries is an asset but not a requirement. 

Who is Needed?

Medical Personnel

Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Registered Nurses (OR, Recovery room), Audiologists (Guatemala only).

Non-Medical Personnel

Hearing Clinic support, Translators (Guatemala only), General Support (The Gambia only).

What is an average day like in Guatemala?

The average day begins with an early morning start with 4 to 5 surgeries scheduled for the day. Surgeries are typically finished by 4 pm, after which, there is typically some down time where participants can explore the local area and visit nearby restaurants.

Guatemala Mission

Make an Impact in Guatemala

Antigua is one of the oldest Spanish settled cities in 
central America. It has quite a mix of local Guatemalans as well as significant tourist activity. It is surrounded by a number of active volcanoes yielding a spectacular setting. It has a large hospital with 8 operating rooms. Unique to Medicos en Accion is a program offering hearing clinics and providing hearing aids.

To explore what to expect on this mission click the 
day in the life button.

Next Mission: January 24 to February 8, 2025
Application Deadline: June 30, 2024
Night view of Volcan Agua through arch.jpg

What is an average day like in The Gambia?

The average day begins with an early morning walk to the hospital. Surgeries begin around 8am and sometimes continue into the evening. Weeknight dinners are at restaurants close to our hotel, or perhaps at the hotel itself, so the team can relax together and socialize.

The Gambia Mission

Make a difference in The Gambia

The Gambia, a developing country on the west coast of Africa. Medicos is focusing its work on adult head and neck and complex paediatric surgeries. These are life-changing procedures which allow young children to finally attend school and adults to resume not only their work but their places in their communities. For further information about joining the Gambia Mission, please contact us.

Next Mission: April 2024

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