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Guatemala Mission Application

Part One: Application Information

Antigua Mission Dates

Friday, January 24 - Saturday, February 8, 2025

(includes travel days)

San Benito Mission Dates


About you
I am applying to the following mission(s):

Breakfast and lunch are at Hermano Pedro Hospital and are included in your volunteer package.

Emergency contact information:
Your documents

Please upload your required documents as a pdf (max 10MB). 

  • Brief Resume/Curriculum Vitae (not required if you have been a previous team member)

  • Nurses applying to volunteer with Medicos en Accion Society are required to submit a copy of their current Registered Nurse license.

  • Physicians are required to submit a copy of their current license, medical degree and, if applicable, specialist certificate.

  • A copy of your passport photo page.  Your passport must be valid through your stay in Guatemala plus six months.

  • Proof of COVID vaccination status.

Upload File
Upload File
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Please note: Uploading documents can only be done on a desktop computer. If you are on a mobile device please send your documents via email to

Waiver and Release

Please read the following statement:


Voluntary - My participation in the activities and work of the Medicos en Accion Society (hereafter MeA) is strictly voluntary. Some of the work is strenuous and I state that I am in good health and able to participate in the work and activities assigned to me.  I will fully disclose any physical limitations I may have that would prevent me from participating fully in the work. I acknowledge that immunizations and health clearance is my sole responsibility and as a member of MeA, will take any and all recommended precautions to protect my health.

Assumption of Risk - I hereby acknowledge that I know and fully understand that travelling and working in a developing country such as Guatemala involves possible risks and dangers including, but not limited to: health problems (malaria, hepatitis, cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, dengue fever, parasites, AIDS, robberies, kidnapping, vehicular accidents, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, armed insurrections, all of which may result in (a) personal ill health, (b) loss of personal property and (c) serious bodily injury including death. I realize that my participation in any of these activities is strictly voluntary and that I assume the risks associated with these activities.  If death or medical emergency should occur while volunteering in Guatemala with the MeA, my family and or estate will take full responsibility for all costs associated with my care and transportation.

Waiver - I release the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, their affiliates, directors, officers, trustees, representatives, or agents from all actions or claims of any kind that relate to my participation in the activities of MeA. I understand and acknowledge that this waiver binds my heirs, administrators, executors, personal representatives, and assignees.

Hold Harmless - I hold the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and sponsoring institutions and all leaders and directors harmless and indemnify them against all actions or claims (including reasonable attorneys' fees, judgments and costs) with respect to any injuries, death, or other damages or losses, resulting from my participation in the activities of the MeA.

Medical Treatment - If I am injured during my time with MeA, the organizers or volunteers may render medical services to me or request that others provide such services. By taking such action, the organizers and volunteers are not admitting any liability to provide or to continue to provide any such services and that such action is not a waiver by the organizers or volunteers of any rights under this release and waiver. Should I require transport to a medical facility as a result of an injury, I am financially responsible for such transportation and medical treatment costs. If I am injured while working with MeA, it is my responsibility to seek appropriate medical care and to notify the team leaders. I agree to take full responsibilities for obtaining my own travel medical insurance including medical evacuation insurance and that the financial responsibility for obtaining this is my own.  

Illegal Activities – I agree to abide by all the laws of the host country, and I agree to abstain from any and all illegal activities while working with MeA including the use, sale, import or export of illegal substances. The Undersigned acknowledges and understands that should the Participant have or develop legal problems with any foreign nationals or with any government while participating with MeA, they will attend to the matter personally with the Participant's own personal funds. MeA is not responsible for providing any assistance under such circumstances.

Photographs/Video - I agree and give permission for any pictures or videos taken of me, my children/dependents during a MeA mission can be used by MeA for promotional purposes. I understand t
he importance of patient and volunteer privacy and agree to obtain verbal consent and use discretion before posting images to social media.

I acknowledge that I have read the waiver and release and I understand and agree to the conditions thereof.  Any questions I may have had about this document were answered to my satisfaction.


Your submission may take a few minutes to upload your documents. Please do not navigate away from this page. When your upload is complete you will automatically go to a new page where you can complete the application process.

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