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The Gambia Update

National Thyroid Clinic, Surgical Program, Supportive Assistance, Future Missions

We returned to The Gambia in November 2015 for the second team trip of the year. It was a busy and successful trip.

We have been working with the local staff to develop a National Thyroid Clinic. Thyroid disease is very common in The Gambia and in general has not been well managed as there are few resources and few people with the knowledge and skills to look after these patients.

In addition to many thyroid surgeries, we also did some more complex pediatric reconstructive procedures to allow these children to have a more normal life.

The spring 2016 mission was cancelled due to the Brussels attack. We plan to return to The Gambia in November 2016. We hope to further solidify the National Thyroid Clinic, do further surgery, help set up an endoscopy program as well as deliver chemotherapeutic medications that are not available in The Gambia. We look forward to another successful trip.


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